Sunday, October 14, 2007

Relaxing in Singapore

For the last couple of days, I've been relaxing in Singapore. First, it was Hari Raya. I went to the Indonesian Embassy to pray Iedul Fitri. It was an experience for me. When I was in Canada, I went to Eid prayers with the Muslim community there, which was mostly non Indonesians. This time, it was mostly Indonesia, but I know nobody there.

Then I went to a party in Tampines, organized by an Indonesian community. My family and I took MRT there, but was caught in a heavy rain. We took shelter in Tampines shopping mall (forgot the name). It was not that long that the sun replaced the rain. We went to the gathering and met some people whom I knew (and gained some more friends). That was yesterday.

Today, I started the day by swimming in the hotel swimming pool with my son. It's a nice and small swimming pool.

The view from the top of this hotel is not bad. I took a picture of the surrounding area after swimming. Here it is. Clean and organized!

And now ... it's time to explore Singapore again. I brought my notebook with me to find Internet access. (Wireless@SG is great, although sometimes it is slow. I am still grateful though.) Well, it's time to eat lunch now.

We went to "Ramen Ten", a nice halal Ramen restaurant at Far East. They serve ramen dan sushi. This is one of our favourite restaurants in Singapore. Everytime I go to Singapore, I always eat there.

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