Monday, October 08, 2007

Social Network for Audio CD collections

I am starting to use Shelfari dan Goodreads to store my book collection. It's not up to date yet, but now I can put my books there. I used to put my collection in a local internet database (, but it's gone now.

Now, is there a similar social network site that I can use to store collection of my audio CDs, cassettes, and MP3 collections? Now, I am not thinking about uploading the content (like MP3), but just entering the list. I would then could see collections of other users, just like in a regular social network site. Just maybe would hear this?

Any recommendation?

On a similar situation ... I write a lot of articles and give a lot of presentations. (And I mean a lot.) Now, I would like to record the title of my presentations (articles) and even give the presentations (articles) away. Right now I edit the list manually. You can see it in my web site (, in the articles and presentations section. It's a pain to do it manually. Is there a site (or a program) that I can use for that purpose? Or, should I write my own program for that?

Maybe there is a database program that I can use to record the articles & presentations and generate an XML output. From this output I could add header, footer, and menus through CSS. Hmm... Hang on. Before I start rolling my sleeves, I should check if somebody has done this. Any pointer?

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rifie said...

How about you take a look Delicious Library software for Mac. Saya belum pernah coba sih. tapi sepertinya mewakili keinginan bapak :)

budi said...

Kelihatannya menarik, tapi masih belum memenuhi keinginan saya karena dia masih belum bisa di-online-kan. Terus juga bukan free software :)

Maunya saya sih seperti goodreads atau shelfari itu sih.

Pitra said...

kalau kayak ?
mungkin spt itu?

budi said...

Pitra, slideshare masih kejauhan. Mungkin maunya seperti atau tapi untuk tulisan ;)

Saya mau menata ini:

avianto said...

Google Docs atau Zoho Suite - bagaimana pak? Terlalu kejauhan tidak?