Monday, January 21, 2008

Becoming a presenter / MC (or standup comedian)

Well, this is the n-th time I was asked to be a presenter (MC) in a large gathering (conference, seminar). In the first event(s), I always thought that this was a one time job. A side track? What the hey. I'll give it a shot. But, it's happening again. I guess I did well ... or, nobody is not available for the job. ha ha ha. Either way, I have to be ready.

Anyway, this time I want to do better. I have to prepare (better than before). I am looking for lines, quotes, jokes, funny stuff. At one time, I wanted to become a stand up comedian. ha! That would be funny (since I am a serious person). I am going to give it a try anyway.

Any suggestion(s)? Sites to visit? URL? Things to read? Video (youtube?) to watch?

or just give it up? (just ready for the boo...)


Abu \'Umar Anas said...

Jadi presenter katanya harus bannyak melucu, hmmm tergantung acaranya sih.

dEHa said...

saya nyasar ke blog gbt waktu nyari di google dgn search term 'stand up comedy indonesia'
nggak nemu real stand up comedian malah nemu another stand up fan nih, yg ini malah sempet bercita2 pengen memulai jadi standup, cool.. hehehe... salam kenal mas budi
akhir2 ini saya lagi keranjingan download video clips standup dari youtube, berkat baru punya modem indosat 3g nih
current favourite are arab american comedians, try searching them, really really funny, they even have their own arab american comedy festival in ny, in response to 9/11