Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No lines? No posting.

I've been trying to keep up writing in this blog, but I cannot compete with my other blog (in Bahasa Indonesia). There, I write 3 to 5 postings a day or more. Here? You'll get lucky if I write one a week. (I don't know if "lucky" is the correct word there.) What goes?

Thing is, it is now more difficult for me to write interesting lines in English. I heard something like this.
What? No lines? How could you write a book if you have no (interesting) lines?

That's why. I don't have interesting lines. So ... no lines, no posting!


Gandhi Anwar said...

no lines, no posting..
no posting, no cry ya pak.. :)

sekali-kali kunjungi blog sy duns pak..

(susah ngdongkrak trafic eung pak)

Anonymous said...

double vision ... , keep the spirit (of truth) ... :-D