Sunday, January 13, 2008

On One Sunday Morning

I love jogging. This morning ... it was (and still is) a beatiful day. Sunny but not hot. I jogged with my wife around our neighboring environment. Boy, it was beautiful. I guess it is the same feeling for those who live in big cities (say, Jakarta) and go out a mountain are (like Puncak). But it's better. ha!

I took my iPod with collection songs from Jadis (mostly from their "More than meets the eyes"). I am excited, thrilled. If you saw me, you'll think I am a crazy person. Jumping around while jogging. I don't care. I was picturing myself on a stage, playing their songs. During the rockin' beat (like in "G 13") I would jump around following the bass beat. Ah, what a wonderful feeling.

Free ... yipee ... I've go to master this song and play it in a gig. I just have to find others who happen to like Jadis.

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