Monday, January 31, 2005

(e)Learning Day

Our company (indocisc) has a new initiative this year, learning day. We set a day that we learn together. The idea is that we teach each other about technology (or anything actually). This IT field is moving so fast that we cannot learn by ourselves efficiently. We have to jump-start each other with topics that we know.

Topics that we have done are: typesetting with LaTeX (I did this), VPN (Hargidi did this), Certificate Authority or CA (Andhi did this), routing (Andika did this, although it wasn't scheduled formally), and RCS/CVS (Maman is going to do this today). All of these were (are) done with hands on.

Now, the difficult part is that we have two offices in different cities; Jakarta and Bandung. We decided to use Yahoo Messanger to do the communication. Experiments were done on Linux-box(es). Everybody must have remote access to those boxes through ssh. (Since we got VPN going, these Linux boxes are inside our LANs.)

We tried using voice through Skype, but the quality was not acceptable. When we use skype personally, it works great. Maybe in the conference setting the bandwidth was taken by our communication. We tried to use skype one way, that is only the presenter can talk while the rest listen. Anyway, we'll explore more on this. (We already exploring other tools.)

So far, we were happy with this Learning Day. It's informal, so it's fun. The not-so-fun part would be editing the chat to make it easier to read. We then put this edited version on our intranet portal. (We joke around quite a bit during the chat.) This setup maybe only works for small company such as a 10-person company like ours.

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