Friday, January 21, 2005

Free Windows XP Theme?

I got tired of my default Microsoft Windows XP setting. So I decided to get a new theme. Here's the story.

The first thing to do is to look at preinstalled themes. None, unless you call the "Windows classic" is a theme. The next step is to search the internet. What would be the proper Google's keyword? I used several keywords and got several Windows XP Theme. Some of the themes look ok. I really want to get a Mac-like theme. But, there's a problem.

Apparently, all the good themes I found are either not-free or require additional software (which is not-free). It's not like I don't want to pay. (Well, it is.) But, having worked with Linux and other FSF/GNU software changed my preference. I want to use free software. So, I came empty handed. I wasted 2 hours for all of this.

Well, I just have to go reboot the machine and use Linux if I get bored with the theme. (I have fluxbox, blackbox, afterstep, (and even plain twm), KDE, and Gnome - and there are different themes for them too.)

As a side note, I am still having a problem installing Mac-like theme under KDE 3.3 on my Debian sid. I was also told that if I want to have a Mac-like environment, I should get a Mac instead. It is true that I am thinking of Mac Mini. But then, I don't know if I can change its "desktop theme" :) I don't know how difficult it's going to me. Last time I used a mac was like 8 years ago.

Can you suggest a good desktop theme?


Priyadi said...

untuk KDE, coba baghira (kalau belum dicoba):

adinoto said...

Mas Budi, I'm behind the force of Mac mini release :D (Trust me!), well having said you want to make your Windows resembles Mac is not by mean you're experience-ing the Mac itself :D

Mac OS X is more than a skin deep! Give a Mac mini a try, and you'll see what you're believing.


adinoto said...

Again, once you're experience-ing GarageBand, iDVD you'll understand how neat Mac platform is. Myself is not an Apple devotee myself (I hate its management style!!, what can I say it's not my company).

As for Theme-ing on Mac OS X you can give ShapeShifter a try ( that's the best around!! and damn it's worthed!!

The fine themes samples can be seen on

Bon voyage!! (Out of Windows :D)


gotcha said...

FlyAKiteOSX is a utility that replaces most of the Windows XP icons and GUI images to closely resemble mac.
It does not need any additional software and it's completely free.
(ver.: 3 should be coming out soon, I think...)

Anyway it creates a restore point so you can revert to your old settings after.

I'm using it for quite some time and I had no problems with it.

Hopefully this was helpfull...

Anonymous said...

I have used mac before, for like six months, and to be honest, i didn't like the OS.

And by "using it" i meant that i didnt even touch linux or windows in that time.

I'm not going to "tell you why" i didn't like it, i just didn't.
I'm not going to buy a Mac again anytime soon, it's expensive and not a much better by support than most modern linux distributions.

Linux is still the best OS around IMO.

(Sorry for offtopic, this comment is meant for those "GO BUY A MAC GOD DAMNIT" peeps.)