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Playing with drupal

I've been searching for the "perfect" content management system for our group (company, to be exact). I need something that can be used for internal communication, write books (reports) together, and something fun to play with. Originally (long time ago), I played with phpnuke. But unfortunately, it has too many security holes. Although I was going to use it for intranet site, I still don't want to keep track of security holes.

Then I found drupal. It looks like what I needed. So I installed a drupal's debian package. It was not the latest version. I played with it for a while. The learning curve is steep! That was a while ago.

Yesterday, I decided to give it another stab. But this time I grabbed the source and installed it from scratch. You know, it is easy. In fact, it felt easier than before. Maybe because I have played with it before. It is still difficult to use, but I am more than ever convinced that this is the program that I am going to use. (Many friends suggested I use wiki instead, but I decided to stick with drupal. At least, for now.)

One of the things I like about drupal is the design is elegant. (Can't explain it, but I just feel it.) I then grabbed different themes for it and started playing with them. Right now I haven't had a chance to look into the code. I am just playing with the configuration, which is done through a web browser. I am a text-oriented person. I don't like using graphical GUI to configure things. But for some reasons, I like drupal's web-based configuration. It's not slow and kind of nice.

Well, I wasted ... correction, invested, two hours playing with drupal. It's now running in our intranet. I know I am going to have fun with this.


Amal said…
Right, Drupal's installation has been changed much, so the command-line step is only along database setup. After that, just run Drupal website and it works! Its theme is also now elegant and well suited for CMS or group-based blog. In a sense of "tranquility" compared to "crowded with block" Nuke family.

If you'd like to customize in command line mode, it is still open in Drupal: hack its theme's CSS. :)
bowo said…
congrats you've been drupalized :)

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