Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Indonesian IT: Lesson X.1

I am going to write random notes on my IT experience in Indonesia. I've been trying to build Indonesian IT capacity for so many years; from the time before I went abroad, during my Canadian years, and after I came back to Indonesia. I use the word "random" to signify that there is no particular sequence or order in the notes that I am going to write. The numbering (X.1) just came accross my mind as part of the random process. Actually, the "X" came from Mac OS X - which I currently use to type this note - and from math which signifies an unknown value or entity.

My first note - related to a situation a recently encountered - is not so up beat. There are some people and organization(s) who will try to derail my effort to build a solid Indonesian IT infrastructure. To my disbelieve, they are part of the IT community itself (which, unfortunately, is from the business community). I think greed is one big factor. They are more concerned with flashy issues, publicity, and formal appearance. They don't know the brick and mortar, the plumbing, the glue, the components that make IT ticks. All they really care is their names in newspaper or in some legal documents (creating so many non-profit foundations, which are going to be used to build their portfolio, without real outcome). Unfortunately, all of these are being done at the expense of creating real IT capabilities.

How could we compete with other nations under this kind of situation?

So, Lesson X.1: Don't rely on the so called IT community (especially business entities?). Do IT yourself. (Assuming you still want to build this country.)

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