Saturday, July 16, 2005

Insanely great!

I have just finished reading "Insanely Great: The Life and Times of Macintosh, the computer That Changed Everything.," by Steven Levy. It's a great book.

When I got the book a few weeks ago (from Chandra Liem), I was skeptical. It's not an uptodate book. Macintosh now is different. But, I've read Steven Levy's books before and liked them. You might have guessed it correctly that I am always interested in what Steve Jobs did and does. Besides, I love computing history anyway. (I even subscribe to IEEE Annals of the History of Computing.) So, I decided to read a few pages. Well, I ended up reading the whole book. There are many gems in the book.

The book gives an inside story about how Apple Macintosh - the computer, not the fruit, was born. I have heard and read the story before, but I still love to hear the detailed story. One thing I learned from the history is that to produce an insanely great product, you have to work insanely hard. And, you may need a group of "insane" persons to begin with. But, you have to have a product. Otherwise, what's left is just "insane."

I am glad, I decided to read the book. I learned a lot from it. And thanks to pak Chandra Liem and pak Eddy Budisantoso for giving the book (and a stack of waiting-to-be-read-books) to me.


adinoto said...

You should catch up yourself with books like "Steve Jobs: The Second Coming", or "Steve Jobs: iCON". much please read as "Louis V. Gertsner: Teaching Elephant to Dance" although IBM story is not as "soap opera" story as Apple did.

Apple is the most dramatic company in the history of any computer company. It's pleasant to read, to watch, and learn from it, and could be a great thing to teach in the university. Myself dream how to add up the histor itself :)

As for online materials, the most fun to read "de ja vous" stuffs from original "insanely great team" can be found on



wanda said...

Seems like there's plenty of 'insanity' inside that book..can't waiting to read it. I haven't practice my cook book recipe from Mr. Eddy - SF, this posting remind me to cook :)

Jim said...

Tapi kok setelah pake Mac gak ada cerita serunya yah? jangan-jangan udah diformat jadi Debian.