Monday, March 27, 2006

Highlights of my Singapore trip

ambience IV - anderson military band One of the highlights of my last trip to Singapore is going to band performance of Sekolah Menengah Anderson. My daughter bought the ticket for both of us. So we went there on Saturday evening. We took MRT to Ang Mo Kio and walked from there. Apparently the place is not far from the MRT station (but enough to make you sweating ha ha ha).

The big band, Anderson Military Band, was excellent. The players (I don't know how many. Maybe 40 or 60 students?) seemed to enjoy the music. So did the audience. I lost the booklet which has the list of songs they played. There was classic, pop, and even swing. Anyway, we enjoyed it.

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Anonymous said...

hey..i've also watched it that night..the concert was really fabulous