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How I work, study, and listen to music

I always tell my students to find the most suitable ways to study. Sometimes, they way we study (or work) may look strange to "normal" people. So be it. Don't worry about it.

I remembered a story about a poet who always use paper with different colors when he typed his poem on his typewritter. (I guess this is a pre-computer/Internet era, eh?) He did that to make him more productive. There is no direct relation between the color of papers and productivity. You'll be crazy to research about this.

So, now here's what I do. I like fonts a lot. So when I type something on my computer, sometimes I use different fonts. At the end of the day, I converted the fonts back to the "standard" ones so that whatever I write - reports, papers, or just notes - can be shared and worked on by other people. That is why the use of "paragraph styling / formating" in word processor is important to me, because with one change I could change the whole document. Many people do not understand this concept and change paragraph formatting on the paragraph itself, not in the style! This makes my life more difficult.

Many times I am bored with my computer and want to write part of the reports on a plain paper. There is also a strange thing that I like; I like writing with different pens (and different colors).

Below is a picture of what I wrote. (Click to get a larger view.) This is an actual draft of a report I wrote for a client (who has a networking and security problem). It's in Bahasa Indonesia. You'll notice that I use different colors.

Also, on the right side you see a list of songs that I listened to during this writing session. They are mostly (classic, progressive) rock songs (eg. Genesis "In The Cage" and "Firth of Fifth," Kansas "Magnum Opus," Aerosmith "You See Me Crying" and "Dude Looks Like a Lady"). There are more songs that I listened to during the writing, but they are not listed or written down in the paper. I don't have to write them down. In fact, I shouldn't. I did it just to kill the boring feeling.

Kerjanya BR

Now that I've got my Apple iPod nano, it makes it easier to listen to music (and work). Good stuff.

So, to my students ... find your own way/style. As long as it makes you more productive and get the things done, do it. Don't worry if it looks strange to other people.


Bhq said…
Very nice hand writing though.
Irwin Day said…
Pak, aku kalo denger "In The Cage" gak jadi belajar tapi langsung ngebayangin main drum ama Genesis :D gantiin si Phil :)
Anonymous said…
ini bener bener dosen yang kreatip dan terbuka. susah jaman sekarang nyari orang kayak gini.
dzig said…
Wah. Jadi ingat, pertama kali dengar Fifth Of Fifth pas masih SD. Itu lagu memang bagus. Tapi sayang, tahun 80an lagu2nya Genesis gak seenak sebelumnya.
BTW, kalau TCP sih ada di RFC 793.
yudanto said…
coba pak baca bukunya Tony Buzan soal Mind Map, ada hubungannnya bahwa warna , grafik dan bentuk bisa memperlancar penulisan dan pemikiran
Anonymous said…
oh iya pak ,setelah saya melihat2 blog bapak dan juga koleksi CD & kasetnya, bapak harus coba grup musik yang namanya The Mars Volta.

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