Friday, March 03, 2006

My cassette collection

A picture of my cassette collection. Most of them are progressive / classic rock, hard rock, and fusion jazz. I've been buying tapes since I was in high school (late 70s). Then I moved to Canada (in 1987). My collection stopped. Now, they are replaced by CDs and MP3s.

Some of them are really old (vintage?) tapes that are not available in stores. (Examples: Khan "Space Shanty" anybody? Brand-X, Ekseption, Angel, London Symphony Orchestra - plays Classic Rock) So, right now I am trying to convert them to MP3 format. Some of them are in a bad shape. Humidity (and ants) is my enemy.Posted by Picasa


Rani said...

wah bener2 harus diabadikan nih koleksinya.. saya pesen DVD MP3nya pak..

bayar orang aja utk convert

jason said...

hey, great tapes! You have managed to keep so many.

I thought I would draw your attention to our group on flickr.

I'm a research in Interactive arts looking at how people store these things. As people get rid of their old cassettes, i thought it would be interesting to share some stories about the special ones in your collection.

Check it out.
Would love to have your photo submitted to the group.