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Jokes that cross cultural boundaries

Apparently it is difficult to make jokes in two culture at the same time. Here's the situation. I am giving presentation in Indonesia but the language is in English. The audience is a mix of Indonesians and non-Indonesians, who don't speak Bahasa Indonesia. The majority of the audience is Indonesians. Now, the question is should I make Indonesians jokes or English jokes? They are different.

I watch stand-up commedy on TV when I have the time. There's not that many stand-up commedy (commedians) in Indonesia. Usually I watch them on Tonight's Show with Jay Leno. Sometimes he commedians as the guest. Most of their jokes are American jokes. Sometimes I don't understand the joke because they are so tight to events that happened in the US (which I don't know - I don't watch CNN that often), or to characteristics of places and people in certain region in the US.

Any suggestion of jokes that cross cultural boundaries? (Gotta be in English though.) Commedian handbook?


Sudah coba dilbert??
contohnya sederhana aja :D
Sugiarto said…
I searched for "cross cultural jokes", and Google returned me this:
I know this still doesn't address your need ... but I tried :)
Zakaria said…
I heard this joke on a seminar in BPPT circa 2000:

aWesterner usually start their speech with a jokes and Indonesian start their speech with an apologies. So, I'm sorry I have no jokes.
Hedi said…
the most universal jokes are about sex or bed time stories, I am sure about that...LoL
b3cak said…
agreed with hedi.

sometimes Indonesian jokes can be translated into english in a certain way and still made my office mates laugh.(not just about sex, but most of the time, sex-related jokes are funnier. no boundaries. basic human needs)

still, not all english-spoken jokes can be clearly interpreted by us, indonesian.

but if your 'gig' is about technology, think there are lotsa jokes about it.

ive friends that got married lately... so this joke worked well:

Marriage requires a man to prepare 3 types of "rings":
* The Engagement Ring
* The Wedding Ring
* The Suffe-Ring

Ariya Hidayat said…
enoyingmus said…
I wonder when you're going to start blogging with videos... and publish them in

.... Youtubes is quickly becoming my primary source of entertainment (i have dropped TV since yeaarrss ago). ...

I watch videos like

to pass time in the office....
budi said…
enoyingmous, i don't have the proper gears to start video blogging. even my digital camera is usually just a cellphone. maybe, when i get tha proper video gears, i'll start video blogging and post to
Dendi said…
one of the classic joke :
what is brown and sticky?
ans : a stick...
hehe wagu
arief said…
thats complicated...
better be serious and not throwing a joke, attention getter is not always by throwing jokes though...

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