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Something better comes along

Have you ever had a situation where you have decided to do something and then something better comes along? For example, you decided to buy a notebook (or a car, house, whatever). After you bought the notebook then a newer and better notebook (which cost the same or even cheaper) is available. You hate yourself.

I have had many occasions in which I have decided to make a "gig" (presentation, training, workshop, teaching, etc.) on a certain date. Then, a better offer (bigger audience, better pay, bigger impact) comes along on exactly the same time. What to do? I have made a committment. Well, I have no option but to decline the latter offer. I hate myself for that, but promise is a promise. I just have to do the best gig ever!

This is also a common theme in a song. Boy meets girl. (They think) they fall in love. They make committment to each other. Then, the boy meets another girl (or the girl meets another boy). She or he is better (prettier, more handsome, funnier, more understanding, richer, all the good things). It is too late. They regret it for the rest of their lives. (Song fades away ...)

Have you had this experience?


poshe said…
Happened to me when i bought iBook than MacBook come along.. But never hate myself :).. I guess better planning and decision making is the key to commitment..
Anonymous said…
That is why I hope time travel will be just an HG Wells's fantasy.
What a miserable life we have if we need to be bloated with the past instead of moving on.
Emansa said…
I ever get the same experience but never regret if my decision is not the better. I think in our life we need constancy. Because without that like flag on the mount.
Anonymous said…
In the case of boy meets girl (or girl meets boy, or boy meets boy, or girl meets girl), there's still another option:... teman tapi mesra... amigo cariñoso.

But it wouldn't be as easy as it sounds though (I've tried it, and I just didn't have the heart).
urlaub said…
ive experienced once bout boy meets girl... ummmm i think girls tend to choose the "better one" even if shes alredy has a commitment wit sum1 else....

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