Saturday, June 24, 2006

Re-designing blog and stuff

Finally, I made a change of my blog at blogsome ( I took the time to customize its CSS to make it closer to slashdot. Apparently, CSS is fun and addictive! And, darn..., Blogsome is so cool. It's going to take a good portion of my time. I have just realized that it is so configurable. I wish I can do the same thing with this. (I know I can, it's just time that I don't have right now.)

I've got things to do right now. A lot of preparation for my next gig; presentations and becoming a presenter in English! It's going to be a challenge, but I am game for it. Bring 'em on.


nabilla said...

hay salam kenall

learner said...

masih belum kayak slashdot tuh.. hehehe, # coloumn VS 2 Coloum. O ya, bang rajin banget ngeblognya... everywhere... Salut deh.

Salam kenal