Thursday, December 06, 2007

In the top 100 Indonesian blogs

Looking around at planet terasi, I found a link to IP's posting about top 100 Indonesian blogs. What's this? I headed up to the list. I found out that this blog is listed number 9 along with my wordpress blog (listed at number 8). Interesting. Two of my blogs (out of a dozen of them) were listed. I don't know the formula they use for the rank, but it's quite interesting.

I noticed that there's something interesting. In my wordpress blog ( the rank in technorati is 10 millions, meaning it doesn't count(?). Hmm... that blog is actually more popular than this blog. Maybe I have to register the blog in technorati? Or, it's just technorati is not friendly with blogs? I am not sure (and I don't care). As long as my readers still visit my blogs and happy with them, I am happy.

Apparently I have to claim that blog. It's done. But, for this blog, I have to claim by creating a link to: Technorati Profile I hope it works.

The thing I like about this kind of listing is that I can discover new blogs, blogs that I have never heard before but apparently popular. Anyway, time to blogflying ...

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