Friday, December 14, 2007

Standard Cellphone Address Book

My cellphone has just died recently. Now, it's in a repair shop.

There's a problem. I put most of my contact numbers in the phone. The memory of my SIMcard is limited. I could only store a few numbers (under 100). My contact list has more than 100 numbers.

I did backup the content with the software that came in with the phone. The problem is, I cannot seem to run the software without the cellphone attached to my computer (through USB port). The program waited for the cellphone, which obviously not there. It's in the shop! Damn you program!

All I wanted to do is run the backup / sync program and do a quick lookup of an address. I couldn't do it.

I should have exported the contacts to a plain text or some sort of standard format. Is there a standard address book / contact format that is supported by major cellphone vendors (Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson)?


Ronny Haryanto said...

Yes, vCard. Most recent phones should be able to export the whole address book in a vCard format. The file extension is usually .VCF.

Initially I used iSync to sync my SE K800i address book and my Mac Address Book. But I didn't like two-way sync. I couldn't find out how to force a one-way sync from my phone to Address Book *only*. So I ended up sending the whole address book via Bluetooth to my Mac. At least I have a backup file in a text-based format.

nymcast said...

If you use Sony Ericsson phone, yo may try MyPhoneExplorer (freeware) ... the best program for SE phone ever. this program can create backup, view all sync'd data from phone, even the phone are not connected. You can export data to Excel, OpenOffice and text format. This program can restore saved data to another SE phone.

budi said...

Thanks for the info. It's kinda too late, eh? But, I will try the software. I was told that my phone is going to be available in 3 days.

in the mean time ...

snydez said...

argh no openID available :(

usually, the sotware that came with the phone has capability to Sync. at least with Microsoft Outlook
or it has capability to export it somehow

kathy green said...

Not sure how you do that. Don't repair it, get an iPhone.

budi said...

Yeah Kathy. I wish I have an iPhone. It's still unsupported in Indonesia. So, I am going to wait until it is formally supported.