Sunday, December 16, 2007

Living Off Comments

I cannot live without (blog) comments. I have created (too many) blog postings and I am hungry for comments. So far, I am doing okay. Lots of visitors are coming into my blogs (especially to my wordpress-blog).

But, sometimes early in the morning, I check my blogs to see if somebody has read and commented on my blogs. Many times, I found nothing. Like right now (early morning). Maybe they're all still sleeping. Ha ha ha. Or it's just I am too addicted to internet and blogs.

The thing is I am craving for comments. My digital life cannot live without comments. How about yours?

twitting and kronning ...


Abah Oryza - Geri Sugiran AS said...

so sory sensei, coz tonight i am not sleep, dan barusan abis kerja nyubuh (loper koran beh) jadi baru cek postingan terbarunyah ...*halah susah amat pake bahasa ingris*

jurnal said...

comment infatuation junkies ;)

ton6312 said...

I saw your blog in bahasa is in the opposite way, though. Comments is important, but it doesn't stop me posting if my blog have no comments at all due to low traffic. Blog is a blog wih or without comments. IMHO.

Gandhi Anwar S said...

hm, so am i. every time when i check my blog (e-mail), i always wish there are many coment alert in my e-mail.. but.. its rare for me! :( he8x.. may be u wana give me a coment in my blog? lho? ha8x..