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The emergence of a new discipline?

Yesterday, I read "IBM Research: The evolution of innovation at IBM". This is a small booklet of research at IBM given to me by a friend who works at IBM Indonesia. She knew that I am interested in IT-related research. Well, that is my title at ITB, director of R & D in IT and industry. It's an interesting booklet.

I have no doubt that IBM has done many research in many fields. The thing that I like about IBM is that they're not only a software company, but also a hardware company in the truest sense. Due to my bias EE background, I have respect to people who excel in the software industry but have hardware background. Usually they do better. Again, I am bias though.

One paragraph captures my attention:

"... Just as computer science emerged as a new discipline in the 1960s, we believe an academic discipline focused on computing and information services will soon emerge. It will draw on a variety of existing areas - computer science, management science, oepration research and business administration - and will generate specific academic programs, degrees and refereed journals. It will be at the forefront of business innovation, and will help us find ways to integrate advances in underlying technology (drawing on the physical sciences), mathematics and computer science and apply them to evolving business opportunities. It's a research discipline of the future, one which are committed to help launch, much as we did computer science a few decades ago."

You know, I was thinking along the same line since for some reasons my path has crossed those mentioned fields. But, I didn't think that it would warrant a separate (new) field. I would be interested in knowing more about that field. And perhaps even join them in advancing the field? What is it (the field) going to be called?


sridewa said…
How about Dreamonophy Engineering?.... sounds great!
I have a friend, a 'pro' from CS field. Confused with some hardware specs, he asked me for help. He can't tell the difference between voltage and current!
I hope the new discipline will cover some basic hardware concepts.
After all, EE rocks!!! :)

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