Monday, August 09, 2004

Restrukturisasi Pusat Penilitian

As one of the directors of ITB research centers, part of my job is to give inputs on the structure of research centers. Currently, we were asked to restructure our research centers. This is not an easy task. We've got established research centers. And you want to change that??? But that's something that I have to do.

There's this (rector?) decree(?) number 34 (don't have it handy so I don't know exactly what it says) and the move to reorganize related fields (or departements in our university) into one unit (faculty-like). The term that they use is, "related sciences in one body of knowledge". Ok, that's so mouthful. Basically we want to re-organize our faculties and research centers. I don't know the reason(s) of such change. I suspect that some people think that our current structure is outdated and ineffective? (That's what I have to find out.)

I've got stack of papers (meeting notes, e-mails, etc.). Three weeks I left my office (as you know, travelling to Middle East and Europe), and this is what I got. Serves me right. Time to digest these information.

I set my computer on, play some music (currently it plays Transatlantic's "All of the Above" which should last around 30 minutes, that should give me enough time), turn the volume up. I hope this doesn't bother my wife and kids too much. I like loud music. I should wear my headphone, but I only have a cheap headphone. The sound is not that great. A tall glass of hot (black) tea is ready. I would love to have coffee, but I had coffee already and I am trying to cut down coffee. I am set. It's time to read...

(Travel and conference) stories must wait. Again!

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