Thursday, August 05, 2004

Here's me on the keyboard. Garin (Praweda, on Guitar), Yulianus (Indosat, on Drums), Andika (Indocisc, on Bass). We didn't have time to practice, jumped on stage, and played Queen's Love of My Life. I wish we have more time to practice. Perhaps we can play some Genesis songs? Firth of Fifth, anybody? Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

wah koq gbrnya gantengan yg di website yah? :)

Anonymous said...

You said you're searchin 4 another version of Firth of Fifth. I've got one version of this song performed live by Steve Hacketts & friends (John Wetton, Chester Thompson, Ian Mc.Donald, and Julian Collbeck)in VCD format (Live in Japan 1996). Off course there are other classics Genesis and King Crimson songs they performed). I bought this at a CD Shop Rumah Matahari at Cinere mall (Depok) a few years ago with discounted price! If you already got one, just disregard this comment, but if you haven't maybe it's still available on the store in Bandung, otherwise you can contact me at I don't know whether you know this band or not, but I think now progressive rock is ruled by Dream Theater. This band's sound is much heavier from Genesis or Yes, but no doubt those predecessors have deeply influenced their songs and musical concept. There are 2 albums I recommend: Scenes From A Memory (1999) and Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (2002). You can check their official website at and you can also check their keyboardist -Jordan Rudess- website which containing some downloadable midi files of his excellent works. I think the way Jordan play keyboard is relieving and also inspiring for many keyboardists nowaday who desparately seeking for a new way to perform in a rock or metal band (Never before anyone givin a clue how to play metallica or iron maiden with keyboard). So, perhaps this comment might be a useful musical reference, otherwise just don't bother this writing. Regards.