Sunday, August 01, 2004

Indonesian Internet Conference

Just when I though I would have more time to write about my trip, I had more things to do. Last week I was too busy at NICE, the Indonesian Internet Conference. My company (INDOCISC) gave a one-day security workshop. Meanwhile, I was involved with the Indonesian Domain Name Management (IDNIC).

NICE was nice, as somebody said it. Most Indonesian internet figures were present in the venue. Does anybody have a complete list? And there was a party in the last day. We even had an instant band. We went on stage without preparation and without knowing who will play what instrument, and what song we will play. So it was a mess, but a nice one. Spontaneous. We made a fool of ourselves. Next time we'll play Genesis and those progressive rock songs! Ok, now for those who take pictures (lots of them), please send them to me. I'll collect and make a web site out of it. Or, if somebody wants to do it ... it's even better.

During the conference I announced that the .ID domain management will be done by a formal team, instead of an informal one that I used to lead. There will also be acredited registrars and new (more relax) regulations. I just hope I have more time to put down all of this in a nice document. Again ... I just need more time to do that.

Other things that happened last week: met with Bandung Linuxers in Jakarta (I came in late, the guys have finished their dinner and discussed about Linux certification), gave a presentation at ISACA seminar on understanding hackers' profiles ("hacking: know your enemy"), and met with several clients discussing work progress.

This post just want to give you all readers a headstart. I will write the story. Just don't know whether it's going to be next week or next year. I am just joking. It won't be next year.


Amal said...

Nice progress about ID domain name, as told by nice VIP superuser in NiCE! :)

verryaryawan said...


I can't wait for that story