Thursday, February 03, 2005

Beautiful morning, beautiful day

It's a beautiful morning. Sipping my Earl Grey tea, I am enjoying this beautiful weather. What a beautiful and enjoyable life ... Thank God for this.
(Picture was taken 5 minutes ago. 9:00 AM, 3 Feb 2005.)

This afternoon I am going to make a presentation (on broadband network). Hopefully, it's going to be a beatiful presentation too. (Define 'beautiful presentation'? What is it, eh?)
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koen said...

Good luck!
And if you don't mind, plz share me the presentation material *heh-heh-heh*

Jauhari on blogger said...

So... nicely shoot pak Budi ^_^

Amal said...

Kangen Indonesia yang hangat!
Di sini hanya dingin dan dingin sekali, hu... hu... :(

Narendra said...

Sir, might I ask you what is a beautiful presentation according to you?