Thursday, February 10, 2005

Computer to FM transmitter (part 2)

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I am looking for a computer to FM transmitter. I decided to get a portable FM transmitter with an audio input instead.

After posting to various mailing list, I got a lead that there is a store in Jakarta that sells such as device. I went to the store, Wasabi Gadget. Sure enough, they have an Arkon Sound Feeder SF 150. This little device takes an audio input and broadcast it in FM between 88-95 MHz. I bought the device.

I turned out this device only works in a short distance. In my first experiment, I plugged this device into my notebook (running winamp) and put it close to an FM receiver. I could listen the song in the radio. I then moved the notebook away from the radio. The quality of the signal faded away. Three (3) meters was the maximum distance. I tested again with another FM receiver. This time it was even worse. It faded quickly. 30 cm was the maximum distance.

My original idea was to broadcast around the house, or at least 10 or 15 meters. Perhaps FCC regulation forces it to limit the power? I don't know. But this is not what I want. Although it is still usable, since I have two (good) boomboxex without line in. I could use this device to feed sound to the boombox. Of course, the distance has to be really close.

Another problem is the frequency range. Recently, there was a frequency reorganization(?) in my city. The frequency of some FM stations were relocated. They were pushed to the "left side", which is the range of my sound feeder. So it was difficult to find an empty frequency.

In any case, I am still looking for a computer to FM transmitter which can cover up to 10 meters.


Anonymous said...

In that case, forget Belkin and Belkin iPod also, they are only good under 3 metres.
I used them happily to connect my MP3 player to my car audio system :D

Rurun Karma said...

Mas, coba beli di Ebay, alat ini masuk cigarette lighter di mobil inputnya jack untuk Ipod, biasa saya pakai untuk mendengarkan Ipod via FM Stereo radio yang di mobil
dan frequencynya macam2, tapi pada pokoknya ada di ujung2 88 atau 1o5 MHz. Jarak pancar lumayan, sekitar 100 meter juga kondisi prima. salam, Bung Rurun

Anonymous said...

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