Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Damn you, EE school!

When I was in high-school, I used to write things. From poem to short stories. Some were beautiful. Some were trash.

Then, I went to university. I was thinking of going to Arts, but ended up in Engineering. Electrical Engineering, to be exact. It's a long story. When I wanted to buy an electric guitar, I came back with an Apple ][ computer. The same story over and over again. It seems that I was destined to be an engineer. When I went to Canada to do my post graduate studies, again, I went to an EE department.

If anything, engineering taught me to be logical, responsible, practical. I sounded like Supertramp's "logical song." From then on, my mind was molded into a logical machine. I could no longer be able write beatiful sentence. It's got to be logical, responsible, and practical.

Damn you, EE school!


andika said...

Hmm. I remember when I was sooo young, discussing our ideal choice of education with Janto Sulungbudi. We were physics students. We were thinking about the very ideal "steps": bachelor degree: Mathematics, then take master degree in Physics. Afterward, we should take doctorate in Electronics.

Dream on ...

Both of us never take Master degree, down-to-earth instead, busying ourselves with daily chores ... and forgot to dream.


adinoto said...

hahaha, anyway your article shows that you're now a compulsive one... keep dreamin'.. may someday you can become a quality compulsive writer :D who knows :P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. at least you still listen to music, pak..

BTW, enjoyed your postings. You have an interesting yet paradoxial personality. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Woow!!! your story just like mine... aku juga pengen skul di Arts, but end up di EE :D
You like VLSI too don't you? Apple computer? same as I do, gee...
Yup yup, tul sekali kalo udah terbiasa thinkin in Math and Logic, arts can be confusing :D but hell!! i still drawing now, i'm still painting now, i'm still writing poets now, i'm still listening to hard core and classic music now, so, what got up to you sir? just let your heart and sense in harmony with your mind and logic, you'll see that your sense of arts is not die!! :)
Scorning to EE school? hahaha, me too!! good Lord, hope your EE sense not die when you met your old time Arts sense :)

Anonymous said...

why ended up in engineering ? don know wish in art would made us more civilised ? ho..ho