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Break fasting with friends

Yesterday (Thu, Oct 13, 2005), I went to Cyber building to break fasting with friends. This is the month of Ramadhan in which we fast during the day and break the fast after it is dark (evening). Our friends at IDC organized the event. Lots of young people were there. I understood that these folks are from Opisboy mailing list, the guys who run the Internet engines and pipes in most ISPs. Unfortunately, I don't know most of them. Boy, I felt old. (I wonder if they know me?)

I was late. It took me two hours from my apartment to the place! There was a BAD traffic jam. I mean, really bad! Without traffic, it would take only 10 minutes. Normally, I'd say it would take around 20 minutes. But, hey, there are good food and good friends. I enjoyed it very much.

(I felt sorry for those who were not invited. Yup, those ISP owners / CEOs who know nothing about the fun stuff of running Indonesian Internet. Let's leave them worrying about their association. [wink])

Let's do it again ... ;-)

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