Saturday, October 29, 2005

What to do with used CDs (DVDs)?

I still don't know what to do with all of these used CDs. Blank CDs are cheap around here (around 20c a piece). Burning CDs is common, just like copying to diskettes. Pirate CDs, VCDs and DVDs are popular here. To make the point short, CDs and DVDs are everywhere.

Now, what should we do when these CDs (and DVDs) are not being used anymore?
Should we just toss them away?
What kind of environmental damage would these CDs cause?
Recycle? How?

In a science competition, there were 3 high-school students who arranged these used CDs to generate (very small) electricity. Other interesting usage out there?


ronny said...

There are "millions" of ways to recycle CDs. Not really millions, but plenty :-)

But here is some information if one really wants to recycle (proper, real recycling for environmental purposes).

kere kemplu said...

keping cd/dvd berbahan jagung aja pak. relatif lebih mudah diurai oleh tanah...

wicak said...

mas, you can donate them to the arts communities (FSRD). sometimes they use them for projects.
the plastic will take 600yrs to decompose.