Sunday, October 09, 2005

Reading (and writing?) history of computing (and business)

You know that I am a sucker for history of computing (and business related to it). So here I am ... reading a very interesting site (, mostly about history of Apple and the people behind it), reading an interesting book (Tom Friedman's "The world is flat'), and reading Fortune magazine 75th anniversary speacial issue. (Actully, I am reading a couple more books. But they are, kind of, getting a lower reading time.) Yes, I am doing a context switching between them.

I am actually tired and need some sleep, but cannot resist reading them. I want to write my opinion(s) on things that I read, but I just didn't (and still don't) have enough time to do it. Everytime I read a bit ... or byte ... from the {site, book, magazine}, I stopped and thinking of things that I wanted to tell (the world). The reading is very slow ... and I get less sleep. I should just stop reading and write more.


Budi said...

I was trying to find about the history of Apple. Thanks for your information, Mr. Budi :)

Anonymous said...

for can also see
'Pirates of the Silicon Valley' (1999)

The IMDB's refference here

See SJ had an acid-trip after selling his first Apple :P


budi said...

Of course I have seen "Pirates of Silicon Valley," but it is not the real thing. Some (most?) of it is fantasy. The real thing is Bob Cringley's PBS "Triumph of the Nerds." (There's also his book, Accidental Empire")

ngiwit said...

Pak Budi, you can download at
about Apple confidential (history).
I don't know whether you've had that one or not...but I think It's great to keep.

budi said...

Wah, saya tidak berhasil mendapatkan buku "Apple Confidential" itu. download tidak berhasil. time out melulu.