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Our service is down. Reliability of services

I am frustrated with the service at My blog at is down. This was the second (or third?) time that their service is down. In fact, it has not recovered completely from the last problem. I guess I cannot complain for the lack of service(s), since it is a free service. But, I have been invested my time in co-creating the value of modblog's services by writing by stories and opinions there. I guess they have not seen the value of customers. They should involve customers more in their operation, such as giving a more detailed information why the service is down and so on. Perhaps their customers can give solution(s) to their problem(s). Meanwhile, I am divering my writings in other blogs (such as blogsome, wordpress, and ... other sites?).

While at it, the stat server at dnetc is also down. Aw ... sucks. At least, they are more open to their problems. Dnetc is a distributed effort to crack various encryption. Currently, we are trying to brute-force RC5.


romster said…
i'm using wordpress... it's great!
Scottitude said…
Another ModBlog expatriate! A bunch of us are publishing our own blogs on a variety of sites but to stay in contact, we're hanging out in a new forum and a using a "group" blog.

If yo're looking for any displaced ModBlog friends, you may find them at:
ModBlog Addicts Forum (

ModBlog Addicts Group Blog

Best of luck.
budi said…
Thanks to Scottitude for that Modblog Addicts Forum.
Anonymous said…
Left my modblog a long time ago, pak. Too many down time.. I found blogger more trustworthy. But now I'm 'in love' with wordpress.

BTW my wife and daughter are visiting Jkt next week for about 3 weeks. If you need to pass something for Atika do let me know.. (Rane)

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