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Unbelievable ... (Def Leppard)

I must confess that I have a soft spot for Def Leppard. I played Def Leppard's Vault CD over and over again when I wrote my PhD thesis a while back. Their songs are - in a way - blue.

One of may favourite songs is "Unbelievable." Well, tonight I was trying to write (many things; reports, articles, books, blogs, ...) and searching for songs on my iBook. Unbelievable was the first song I spotted on my iTunes list. Needless to say, I am playing it over and over again as I was typing this blog entry. (In another tab I have the lyrics.)

You don't say that it's over
(ahh) Never thought this could die
But you speak without words
Making me feel so damn good, 'bye
It's unbelievable

So much for writing. I am stuck with this song. My mind wanders around ... trying to understand the feeling of saying goodbye to someone, after trying so hard. Ouch!


budi said…
It was 10:30 PM and I couldn't sleep. So, I turned the TV on. Hmm... what's that "classic albums" on ABC Asia Pacific. Lo and behold. It was about Def Leppard. Talk about conincidence.
-ialexs- said…
rock on... :)
budi said…
two and a half years later, this still hold trues. damn! it's unbelievable indeed.

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