Monday, November 14, 2005

A trip to Singapore: Prolog

My daughter is going to school in Singapore. She's got a scholarship. I am going to talk about education later on, but this time I want to talk about our trip to Singapore. We decided to go to Singapore together as a family (the four of us: my wife, my daughter, my son, and myself). For the next few entries, I am going to talk about my experience in Singapore. I've been to Singapore quite a few times actually. But, they were kind of spread over time (since 1982, I think) and I didn't put an effort to observe things. This time, I want to observe. So, enjoy the story ...

[Update: Here's the link.]
- Day 1
- Day 2
- Day 3
- Day 4
- Day 5 (not uploaded yet)

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Anonymous said...

Mbah Budi ini still going strong.
Mbah bukannya dilihat dariumur,namun dilihat dari keberadaannya didunia maya.
Masih ngajar di Bandung Mbah, anak empat masih juga ada waktu untuk nulis di internet. Selamat jalan-jalan, it's about time to enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting read! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

pak budi kapan2 mampir dong ke NTU ^^