Saturday, November 19, 2005

Singapore Trip: ez link card

These are the picture of ez link card that I used in Singapore to ride the MRTs and buses. I paid S$ 15 for the card and I topped the value up a couple of times, since I used it quite a bit. I also noticed that I can use the card at Mc Donald's to pay for the food. I didn't try it though.
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feha said...

satu hal yang menurut saya sangat baik dan bisa dicontoh disini sebagai media pembayaran alternatif :)

Dedhi said...

actually before EZlink contactless card, Singapore already using another method of payment, which is CashCard. It is a Smartcard just like GSM SIM card, which store monetary value inside and can be re-filled using ATM or small refill machine. The usage is obiquitous. I pay mu library fee, pay vending machine, electronic toll gate (ERP gantry system, so there is no toll gate in Singapore), pay taxi, supermarket cashier, and the best one is for parking. When we go into parking lot, the system will register the card S/N and the time, and when we go out, the correct amount is automatically deducted.

The pitfall of the CashCard is that it needs to be inserted to the reader, or using remote reader like ERP. That is why the contactless Ezylink being introduced, since it is more suitable for bus and train which needs a very short service time.

Wahyu said...

I prefer using contactless card, can lifelong because not get friction with the card reader. AFAIK.