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Singapore Trip: Day (3)

9th November 2005. Today, we decided to take a bus ride. First, we went to my daughter’s school. Just for the fun of it. Walked around to see how far she has to walk everyday, from her hostel to school. Then, we took another bus ride to Sim Lim Square in the Little India area.

We got to Sim Lim Square around 10:0o AM. Apparently, most of the stores had not opened yet. This place has more electronics than Funan Digital/IT mall. We saw the ipon nano, ipod video, and other electronic gadgets. I wanted to buy the ipod video but did not have a price reference to compare. I was afraid that it was too expensive. So, no ipod for me (yet). Since most of the place were closed, we decided to go somewhere else. On the way, we decided to stop at the food court in the basement. I thought, I should get “teh tarik” first. This is basically tea with milk. While waiting for the tea, I opened my iBook.

There were five Wi-Fi signals. Two of them were opened. I tried the first one, “food court.” Got an IP and I could browse the Internet. After around 15 minutes, the connection was closed. I still connected to the access point, but there was no routing to the Internet. Perhaps, originally, they did not plan to offer free access and they found that somebody was using their access point? I couldn’t tell.

There was another open wi-fi signal, “Access icell”, but I could not connect to it. I’ve seen this one in another part of the city, but did not know how to access it. The problem with wi-fi access in Singapore is that they have too many providers. Most of these providers were local. How many wi-fi providers do I have to get? In Indonesia, most wi-fi providers have wider coverage so you can stick with one provider around the city.

After Sim Lim Square, we decided to to to Sun Tec City. We took a bus to go there. Sun Tec City is a big convention center. There is a big mall. We went there and had lunch in a packed food court area. One of the thing I hate eating (lunch and dinner) in Singapore is that the places were always packed with people. You have to wait for a free seat or you have to share with somebody else. You could not enjoy eating while somebody is waiting for you, could you?

In the evening we took our daughter for dinner. We went to Orchard Road. It was a little rainy, so we could not find a dining place that we like. We went to Food Republic and ate there. Again, it was packed with people. I wanted to eat curry with roti, but the lineup was too long. I ended up with Nasi Padang, which was excellent. After that we went to Borders to find books for my daughter. We were so tired that went home by taking a taxi cab.


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