Monday, December 12, 2005

Singapore Trip: Day (4)

[Note: Continuation of my trip to Singapore. I almost forgot to post this and the next one.]

We left the hotel a little late, around 10:30 AM. We decided to go to Toa Payoh by MRT. We picked Toa Payoh because our daughter told us so. Being a bus interchange, Toa Payoh was a busy place. This was not a tourist place. It was a place where Singaporeans go, I guess. I went to a bookstore called “Popular” to get school supplies for my daugther. My son and I had lunch a Mc Donald’s. I opened my iBook to find for public Wi-Fi. I was told that Mc Donald's has public Wi-fi. I found “skynet”, but could not connect. I asked around but nobody knew how to connect. So, no Wi-Fi at Toa Payoh's Mc Donald's.

From Toa Payoh we headed back to Orchard Road with MRT. We bought inexpensive gifts at Lucky Plaza. S$10 for 3 T-shirts. Keychains for S$1 each. While my wife went shopping, I went to Starbucks to get a tall Latte. Again, I opened my iBook to find wi-fi signals. I found four or five signals. One of them was Singtel’s. I got connected but I had to get an account, either a Singtel’s account (which I didn’t have) or a wireless internet voucher card. I asked the person at Starbuck and they said I had to get a card, which they don’t have. The web page – which showed Singtel’s and Starbuck’s logo – said that I could get a voucher at 7-11. I decided to visit a couple of 7-11 stores on the way back home, but ... you have guessed it, they didn’t sell the vouchers! So, how do I get a Wi-Fi connection? It was confusing! I guess I had to use wireless services at the hotel.

In the evening I went back to Orchard Road to buy some food for my family. It was after a heavy, but short, rain. It was humid. My T-shirt was sticky and wet of sweat. I missed my home town, Bandung. Bandung is so nice and cool. Really. I even have to wear shirt over my T-shirt. (Right now, it is raining outside in Bandung and I have to wear a shirt over my T-shirt. It's too cold. Of course, it is nothing compared to winter, but still...) I bought food to eat at the hotel. I bought Roti Prata, Nasi Padang, and Katsu Don.

We went to sleep with full stomach. I am grateful to God, the Almighty, for all of this.

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