Friday, December 02, 2005

(Bad) experience with

Do you think you need a large space to store your emails? Well, I do. My Gmail account is now more than 800 MB already. (I delete unused emails. I could only imagine if I keep junk emails in my mailbox.)

So when somebody told me a while ago about, I decided to give it try. At first, the system was slow and the user interface was confusing. But, I stuck with it. Now, it has a better user interface. At least, it is less confusing.

One thing I notice is that it is VERY SLOW in receiving emails. For example, I applied for an account at Kinja. I gave 30gigs as my email address. Kinja said that I should check my email address for verification. Here I am, 30 minutes later on, still waiting for that email to reach my 30gigs account. I am not sure whether it will arrive (today? - note: the mail did arrive) or not. I decided to open another Kinja account. This time I use my gmail address. And sure enough, I checked my gmail account and the mail was there. I could continue with Kinja.

So there it is, let me down again.


Rani said...

just download the Gmail through POP mail into your computer.

maseko said...

Dari awal sepertinya sudah keliatan kualitasnya yang jelek. Makanya sekarang nggak pernah dibuka lagi.

Oo Bubu said...

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