Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday (at home, not in the park)

Saturdays are usually for meetings. Yes, we work on Saturdays. The reason is that in weekdays usually we (our team) are on clients' sites, securing their networks and systems. Saturday is the time we organize ourselves (and joke around - you know, the joy of start ups). This Saturday was the same, although some of us were taking a break (after pushing ourselves to the limit last week).

I used the the time before the meeting to do some cleaning up (stack of books, magazines, CDs, emails, and other stuff). This time I had a chance to read articles from IEEE Spectrum, Biophotonics magazine (I love the pictures, a few pages of "The Search" (a book about Google, more about that later on), and a few pages from "Network Security Assessment." I had IEEE Computer in the queue, but didn't have the time to read it. After meeting, I played PS2 a bit with my son and then read some more.

In the evening I had a meeting (and dinner) with a friend from Cisco to discuss their Security Summit[? Seminar?] (in less than two weeks). I am going to give a keynote speech in their summit.

So, that was my Saturday. How about yours?


d3xt3r said...

go to campus : browsing and "ngoprek" :-) till midnight.

Anonymous said...

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