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Giving keynote speech

Last Wednesday, I gave a keynote speech at Cisco Security Summit 2005, in Jakarta, Indonesia. My speech was about "Compliance to ISO 17799 (or BS 7799, or ISO 27001)." Don't worry about the numbers. They don't mean much

I am not sure whether it was good, so-so, or bad. I was on the stage with bright lights so I could not see the audience. I think there were more than 400 people in the room. The only measure I use as a feedback was when they laugh. That's a good sign. After the speech I was taken by some journalists for interview. So I ran out.

The night before the presentation was tough for me. Tuesday, I had to go to a court in Surabaya (that's around 1000 km from Jakarta) as a security expert (witness?) in a cellular case. I took the last plane from Surabaya to Jakarta. I arrived at the hotel (Shangri La) around 10:00 PM (or so). I didn't have dinner and everything was already closed. So, no dinner for me. Fine. I am not that hungry anyway. I ate lots of snacks while waiting at the airport.

I had to check my emails and some web sites (blogs), though. I got these SMS (short messages) on my cellphone saying that I am going to the Ministry of Communication and Information to get a blogger (name Herman) out of Police custody. Well, who the heck is Herman? and what did he do? and why did somebody spread the lies about me going to the Government. I am not going to go there since I have to give a keynote speech at Cisco.

So, after a quick shower I decided to go to the lobby. They have a free Wi-Fi access there. (The broadband access in my room was pricey!) I found out what the hoopla is all about. Apparently, a young blogger (Herman), touched out a photo of our president among other people. Somebody was not happy with him and reported to the Police. (I don't know who this somebody is, but I could guess!) The President was not aware of this. Later on he was asked, and the President laughed and said that he was not aware of it. The case was only a prank.

After wasted about 30 minutes (or more?), I went back to my room and did some editing to my presentation material. I wanted to make it like Dick Hardt's presentation at OSCON 2005. I ended up slept late (but still had to wake up at 4:00 AM - a habit). What I am saying is ... it is tough to make a good (great?) presentation.

So, if you were at my speech, tell me "how was it?"


Anonymous said…
Saya pernah nyobain gaya presentasi mas Dick Hardt ini. Peserta yang hadir saat itu kebanyakan adalah technical hard core dengan tampang serius. Dengan harapan mereka bisa lebih enjoy dengan gaya presentasi ini, ternyata hasil yang saya dapat tidak terlalu baik. Mungkin menjadi pelajaran buat saya, bahwa jika pesertanya memang terlalu serius, lebih baik menggunakan gaya presentasi konvensional.
mencreto said…
Became a security expert in a court? shouldn't it become the duty of the man that you guessed reporting Herman to the police?

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