Friday, December 02, 2005

We should dream some more ...

I dream too much. That's one of the comments I heard from many people. By dream I mean imaginating new postive ideas, ventures, activities, and so on. I always believe that dreams are important. They drive and motivate you.

I was reading Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat," and strucked the following paragraph:
Analysts have always tended to measure a society by classical economic and social statistics: its deficit-to-GDP ratio, or its unemployment rate, or the rate of literacy among its adult women. Such statistics are important and revealing. But there is another statistic, much harder to measure, that I think is even more important and revealing: Does your socienty have more memories than dreams or more dreams than memories?

By dreams I mean the positive, life-affirming variety. The business organization consultant Michael Hammer once remarked, "One thing that tells me a company is in trouble is when they tell me how good they were in the past. Same with countries. You don't want to forget your identity. I am glad you were great in the fourteenth century, but that was then and this is now. When memories exceed dreams, the end is near. The hallmark of a truly successful organization is the willingness to abandon what made it successful and start fresh."

So, let's keep on dreaming ... and more importanly, make them come true.


Tonkeng said...

Horee yang pertama.

Kalau mimpi basah pernah gak Pak Budi? :-p

zakiakhmad said...

Tapi film membatasi fantasi,Pak Budi! Saya sudah nonton Harry Potter Goblet of Fire, merasa banget plotnya lompat-lompat. Terlalu jauh, bahkan. Padahal saya belum baca bukunya. Wah, gimana kalau sudah baca bukunya. Bisa tambah kecewa dong :D

Masih banyak buku yang mengantri untuk dibaca euy.