Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Arrrgggh... It's happening on my blogspot page

In earlier article, I wrote about problems in my other blogs (modblog, etc.). Now, it's happening on this blog. For some reasons I could not access the main page, gbt.blogspot.com, but the individual articles are just fine. That is, you have to get the articles directly not from the main page.

Arrrggghhh. What's happening ...


budi said...

Phew ... it's back now. Don't know what happened, but I am just glad that this page is back online. (I did send a problem report, though.)

Rani said...

i thought blogspot only went offline in singapore (censorship). after reading your post, i realized that the whole blogspot network went down, not only in SIngapore

Priyadi said...

yes, it happened to some other blogspot blogs too.

Scottitude said...

Hey budi,

I stopped by to see how you were doing and I see from this post that you had familiar problems Thursday. A great number of former ModBloggers have set up blogs at an amazing free blog-host called EFx2 at


When I joined a week ago it had most of the options ModBlog had; now it has ALL of them and more! You can add custom sidebar "menus' (naming these 'menus' anything you want)) with whatever content you like; bulletins, links, html code, pictures,anything. There are several nice basic and advanced templates with full control over the layout and design.

Take a look at my EFx2 blog at


and keep in mind that all I did to it was upload the images, change the colors, and arrange things. And I made some custom 'menus'. But my design may be a little 'busy' to some so look at some other blogs, too. Like ModBlog, some are graphically rich and some are very simple, yet well designed. And it's so easy!

Keith, the site owner/developer, has been very accommodating and fully understands how frustrated we all are with instability issues. He's expressed sincere commitment to communicate about development and downtime and he's believable...he's one of the most active members of the community. You can browse the forums and see that he's responded very quickly and built requested features almost immediately.

The instability and absence of reliability of "that other place" was intolerable but Keith is doing everything right. You'll be surprised at how many former ModBloggers are there, maybe people you've been missing. I urge you to check it out even if you're too busy right now to set up someplace else (again!), it's an amazing community.

Blog on, my friend!


...but don't blog me, I'll be NICE :)
[that's a cool t-shirt]