Thursday, December 01, 2005

Friendship: You and I

There's nothing more I value than friendship. It hurts when somebody crossed my trust as a friend. It happened many times. Fortunately, I have many friends who stick with me in tough times. I am thankful for that. I am going to make sure that I would do the same thing to them; stay in good and bad times. Those who know me know that it is my trait.

I am listening to Sting's song, "My funny Friend and Me." It's one of the songs in "The Emperor's New Groove," which is also a very good and touching movies. What else, it's about friendship. The lyrics touches me:

But you stayed and you called my name
When others would have walked out on a lousy game
And you could've made it through
We'll stick together till the day we die
If I had to do this all a second time
I won't complain or make a fuss

You and I, we are friends forever.


vnuzday said...

Friendship is never day...

wanda said...

Don't expect too much from your friends, they're human too.