Monday, December 12, 2005

Review: Kaipa - Notes from the past

Let me start with this. I am a fan of Roine Stolt. He is the guitarist of The Flower Kings (Transatlantic and other bands). So, when I saw this Kaipa CD (with a sticker in front: "feat. Roine Stolt also of Transatlantic and The Flower Kings") at a music store, I have to buy it. It is expensive though (Rp. 227000 or US $22). That's 1/4 of my formal salary. Ouch.

I am glad that I bought this, because this is a good album. It is progressive (or classic) rock in nature. If you like old Genesis (during Gabriel era), you'll love this band. It has lots of keyboard and guitar duels. Keyboards, music, words, and the like were done by Hans Lundin. I have never heard him before, but I like him. His compositions and music are exactly what I like. Melodic. Romantic. Well, you know, classic rock.

For classic rock album, sometimes you have to play it many times before you actually like it. This is an exception. The first time I gave it a spin, I already love it. (Right now, it's my 5th spin.) And you know what, my favorite song is the longest one, Leaving the Horizon (14:08). No, I am not joking. I love the "duels" between guitar and synth, especially at 7'30" part of that song. Love it so much. It made me cry! (No, I am not joking.)

I'll give this album 5 stars out of 5!

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ranti said...

Saya curiga jangan-jangan mas Budi ini hobinya ngintip koleksi CD saya... :-/