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500 internal server error

Now I got your attention!

For the n-th times, I got 500-error-message when I tried to post to my blog through The thing is, when I use the back button, my post is gone. I have to retype the whole thing over again. Sometimes it takes quite a long time to compose a message and I don't feel like typing it again. It's your lost! Oh, ... it's mine actually. sigh....


Priyadi said…
why don't you migrate to something like wordpress? :) wordpress takes only a few minutes to install, migrating from blogger will take a bit more than that but it is doable:
budi said…
To be frankly, I don't have the time to setup *and* maintain a service (even for myself). I just want to type something and be done with it. So that is why I am still sticking with blogger and blogspot combination.

Actually, a while ago I did a survey on CMS and my heart went to drupal. Alas, the learning curve was too steep. So my drupal installation is not ready for public view. It's still in my private machine. I'd love to use drupal.
Priyadi said…
actually wordpress is pretty much install and forget, the default layout is already very usable, no customization needed. although it is very tempting to do a 'few' customizations :). with debian's apt (or similar PMs) you can literally just forget about maintenance. drupal IMO is overkill for simple one person blogging purposes.

now to think of it, blogger is the yahoo/hotmail/gmail of blogging service. we use y/h/g when appropriate, but we use personal/company email addresses more often (or do we?).
budi said…
well, ideally the system will take care of itself. but i don't believe that anymore. for example, upgrading the backend database may create mayhem for other applications :) including the blog.

i've been trough cases where i have to take care of the system, which is supposed to take care of itself. for this purpose, i still want to have somebody take care of the underlying system. i just want to write. that's all. one of these days, i'll try wordpress.
Amal said…
Even for my own blog tools, I am very seldom using their own HTML's textarea facility. There are so many risks depending long entries using textarea; its best usage is for commenting or short messages. Textarea is another mimic of our mobile phone's screen.

So I prepare all material in my Vim, including some scripts for abbrevation, html tags, etc. After some corrections, rephrase some expressions, it is time to copy-paste into blog tools edit area.

Unfortunately, up until now, I never meet blog tools with file upload facility for content. Seems they still think that their users always use textarea for writing.
budi said…
w.bloggar can be used to compose the article offline and upload it to blogspot later on. i tried it once. for some reasons, i didn't like it.
ivo said…
Don't like w.bloggar?
Then you have to set set your Mail-to-Blogger Address.
(from Settings-Email)
Put in it your whatever-cryptic-key as the passkey.

After that you can post by sending
from ANY email account you want.
You can post without opening a browser.
It evens allowed others to post by mail.
Assuming you give them the key.

It'll take a minutes or two to publish tho.
But, no more 500 internal server error.
No more losing precious typings.

still using blogger/blogspot for some reasons.
ZPThe damn "500 internal server error", it really drives me crazy.
Some people say that is because I used UTF-8 text..., what the hell is that? I just sometimes used Chinese.

Have you tried the wordpress, my friend?
I hate "500 internal server error"
too. Have you tried wordpress,my friend? how do you think of it?
budi said…
wordpress has been great to me ...

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