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Asynchronous circuits

I was surprised to see a post in slashdot about commercial asynchronous circuits done at Philips. They (Philips and ARM) are planning to make an asynchronous CPU. Their technology is called Handshake Technology.

This is actually not a new thing, since it has been done by Steve Furber with his research group at Manchester University. But still, it is good news to me since there is (hope of) real commercial aspect of it. I did my post graduate study in this field (verification of asynchronous systems, to be exact). At that time I thought while asynchronous circuits are nifty, there were (are) many technical problems to solve. Time and time again I was proven wrong. (Just like when I was playing with Linux 0.12 and didn't think that it will support networking and Xwindow someday :-) )

One of the ideas that made impression to me was Ivan Sutherland's (Turing Award) paper on Micropipeline. It's an interesting concept. Read it. It's very readable.


andika said…
Just a slight typo on link to Micropipeline ...
andika said…
I just realized that this is related to my question about clockless chips.

And again, the proper URL for the paper is, there is an extra space in your article.

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