Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Made peace with Hogarth

Finally, I made peace with (Steve) Hogarth.

I am a fan of Marillion during the Fish-era. When Fish (the singer) left the band, I thought the band is going downhill. The feeling was similar to when Peter Gabriel left Genesis and replaced by Phil Collins. Many Genesis fan felt betrayed and stop listening to the (new) Genesis. I still like the Genesis though.

Steve Hogarth came into the picture, becoming the singer of Marillion. When I first heard him, I didn't like it. He's too "soft" and "pop". So I stopped listening to Marillion and tried to find other progressive rock bands. I found The Flower Kings and Transatlantic during the search. Apparently, I like Roine Stolt style. He is the guitarist of both band.

Going back to Marillion. I did try to sample Marillion songs during that search period. My ears got used to "Dry Land" (from Holidays in Eden album). Not bad. And then, "Don't hurt yourself" (from the newest Album, "Marbles") sealed the deal. I accept Hogarth.

1 comment:

andika said...

Hehe, kirain Hogwarts

Jaka Sembung main ke Solo
gak nyambung gitu lho
(pakai gaya ngomong si Komeng)