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Looking for (centralized) personal bookmark/URL management

I work nomaden, using different workstations (with different OS: GNU/Linux, Solaris, Microsoft Windows) at different locations. My current problem is bookmark management.My bookmarks are scattered on different workstations. It's a pain to find a certain page.

How do you manage your bookmark(s) so that it is accessible from different locations? Do you manage your bookmarks at all? Does your bookmark management have a statistic built ini (for example, the most frequently page I go to, the oldest page)? Does it have an export mechanism so that it can generate an HTML-page (or even a complete we site), for example? Am I asking too much?


avianto said…
Right now I am using for my bookmark, plus the extension for mozilla/firefox to make bookmarking easier. No more offline bookmark, too hard to manage.

Too bad no statistic with Other than that it fits my need.
ronny said…
Quick and dirty. If your main workstation has an always on internet connection with a static IP, you can always share your bookmarks.html file (e.g. via http).

The only drawback is you can't write to the bookmarks file. Well, you can go through hoops to do it if you really want to.
enda said… is the way to go. A great, simple social bookmark manager that lets us catagorized by using our own tags
apit-- said…

bukan yg dimaksud pak budi, tapi boleh dicoba. portable bookmark + saved-password. works for me :). sayang, kayaknya cuman ada binary Windows doang :(.
Dede Supriyatna said…, You can export/import from opera, netscape or IE bookmark and vice versa. It has simple and nice layout, and you can custom the type, size, or color of font. Another feature is you can add a password to protect the page. See for example

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