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Def Leppard Playlist - Newer Songs

In a WA group discussion, we were talking about Def Leppard. One thing led to another, I found out that most of my friends stopped listening to Def Leppard after the Slang album. Not sure why. Yes, Def Leppard older albums are great albums, but they also have good songs in latter albums. I decided to create a (play)list of Def Leppard from their newer albums. Taste is something you cannot argue. Thus, my list may not be what you like, but at least it is an attempt to keep people who may have the same taste but did not know that there are good songs in newer Def Leppard albums. So here is the list ... (From time to time, I am going to update this.) Love (the Sparkle Lounge album) Unbelievable (from X) Let me be the one (from X)
Recent posts

21-years old blog

 This is my first post in 2023. It's January 1st. This blog is actually my first blog after doing a lot of homepages - that's what they were called at that time - with a lot of HTML codes. Blogspot was one of the first blog services that I use in 2002. Yes, this blog is older than some of you, 21-years old. Although I have not updated this blog regularly - kinda neglected in a way, I am still keeping this. This is one of those relics that is still around. Standing still. Oh, btw, this blog was considered one of the top-10 blogs in Indonesia in 2005. You wouldn't believe it. But then again, maybe there were only 10 blogs at that time. Alas.

Getting Older

It takes time to heal when you're older. Physically, that is. But, mentally, the time it heals could be the same. It may even be possible faster. This creates frustration. Mentally, you are ready to work, but physically you're not ready. Aaarrrggghhh.

To Questions

Many people ask questions because of many reasons; to look smart, to look important, or to test another person ... other things. On the other hand, I ask questions because I don't know. As simple as that. Most people would not believe that because they think I know many things. That is true, but when I learn new things, they are usually come with new questions. So, if originally I have 5 questions and answer 1 question, I actually end up with 3 more questions. Now, I have 7 questions. The number of questions grows. I don't mind that I have more questions than when it was started. That is not my problem. The problem is that people do not want to answer my question because they think that they are being tested. They become defensive and I don't get the answer. That is the reasons for me writing this blurb. So, I asked a question, I do need help finding the answer(s).

2022 is here

Yes, I am still alive and well. But, how come I seemed to abandon this blog? My energy was focused on my YouTube channel. It's in Year 2020 and 2021 were the time I was trying to understand the YouTube behavior. Now, I got it up and running. It is time to resurrect my blogs; this one and the one in medium. Blogger (Blogspot) seems to be way behind Medium in terms of user experience (and look-and-feel too). Thus, I am inclining to write on my Medium account. I just wish there is a way to make me interested to write in this blog. Really. Maybe a better template? Or at least, look and feel. Oh well.

Blog to Vlog

 It is official that I am having difficulties in keep on blogging. These days I am doing vlog almost everyday. My way to create vlog is just shoot the video and upload. No edit. That is way I am so productive in generating vlog. This used to be time consuming, if I have to do more edits. I am still trying to keep this blog. I should post more, which is at least one a month. No promises, though. So, see you next month. Or earlier. Ha ha ha.

Starting to Podcast

I've been searching for ways to do podcasting. Years actually, but I could not find an easy way to do a podcacst. I am a techie person. If I cannot do it, then it is going to be difficult for ordinary person to do a podcast. Enter I am not sure how I came across, but this is the solution that I am looking for. If you want to do a podcast, all you have to do is record your voice in a file and then upload the file to That's it. They will distribute your podcast to all kinds of podcasting sites. Spotify is one of them. Interesting. Then, I realized that is actually part of Spotify. Ha. Now, I am podcasting. It's in here: What I do is actually take the audio part of my YouTube videos and upload them to Most of my YouTube videos do not need the video parts. They can be listened to. So, that's what I do. Enjoy.