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Too many things to do

In my other blog, I wrote something about my time management which is based on urgency. Not the best approach, but the most appropriate for me. One of the reasons I picked that one is because I have too many things to do. Many people would not believe me if I tell them that I am a multi-tasking person. I love doing many things at once. People will say that this is bad. I know. But, this is me. If I do one thing only, I would get bored. Then what? I am not productive. (Although this is debatable.) I realize that I have too many things to do. I am not complaining. I am just acknowledging that fact. It is bad. I am trying to make it better, but in my own way. In ways that I enjoy doing it. Now, that's something that I have to learn myself. (Although I am trying to learn by reading many books.)
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In the Air Listening to Boz Scaggs

A few years ago, I was invited to Australia on a business trip. This was the first time I am flying on a business class. I was looking for things to do and found this Boz Scaggs album on the music section. Whoa! I knew that this is a great album but I never listened to it in a complete album. This is a no brainer choice. Put the headphone and listen to the whole album. Travelling just got nicer.   Thanks for the great album.

From Blogging to YouTube

I used to blog everyday. Now, I am creating YouTube video everyday. The reason is that now it is easier for me to create video content. I just shoot it with Macbook and upload it to my YouTube channel. That's it. I don't edit my videos. Now, I am neglecting my blogs (there are two of them). I am thinking of using this blog as a support to my YouTube channel, by using it as a note (to self) about topics that I should make (record). But if I do that, this blog is going to be in a non-coherent situation. The posts are mainly bits and pieces. I guess, it is still better than there's nothing at all. At least you could see something. Actually, you would get a sneak preview of what I am going to talk. Hmmm ... I should do this.

Healing is Real

The word "healing" is being abused here (and maybe elsewher). Some people use it as an excuse to get away from work or from responsibilities. At least that's what I thought. Maybe I am correct but I could be wrong too. So, I did take a few days off from work. Healing. And it's real. Being away from responsibilities is nice. I am lucky because I could do it without losing my credibility. Meaning people have to believe me and I don't get punished. That's because I did this without neglecting my tasks and responsibilities. Now, I am back and I need to complete my tasks (and more). While relaxing - or healing - I thought I did nothing important, but it turned out I was learning. Apparently, I enjoy learning. Thus, the time that I am away and learning is actually healing for me. I enjoy learning for the sake of it. Nothing specific to learn, but in the future I am sure I am going to use whatever I learned for greater use. It has been like that. Anyway, I just need

Def Leppard Playlist - Newer Songs

In a WhatsApp group discussion, we were talking about Def Leppard. One thing led to another, I found out that most of my friends stopped listening to Def Leppard after the Slang album. Not sure why. Yes, Def Leppard older albums are great albums, but they also have good songs in latter albums. I decided to create a (play)list of Def Leppard from their newer albums. Taste is something you cannot argue. Thus, my list may not be what you like, but at least it is an attempt to keep people who may have the same taste but did not know that there are good songs in newer Def Leppard albums. So here is the list ... (From time to time, I am going to update this.) Love (the Sparkle Lounge album) Unbelievable (from X) Let me be the one (from X) Take What You Want (from Diamond Star Halos)

21-years old blog

 This is my first post in 2023. It's January 1st. This blog is actually my first blog after doing a lot of homepages - that's what they were called at that time - with a lot of HTML codes. Blogspot was one of the first blog services that I use in 2002. Yes, this blog is older than some of you, 21-years old. Although I have not updated this blog regularly - kinda neglected in a way, I am still keeping this. This is one of those relics that is still around. Standing still. Oh, btw, this blog was considered one of the top-10 blogs in Indonesia in 2005. You wouldn't believe it. But then again, maybe there were only 10 blogs at that time. Alas.