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Still Blogging

It's 2020 and I am still blogging. For many, blogging is a thing in the past. Not me.  This is because I am using blog as a place to challenge myself. To be creative. What do I mean by creative? Well, one of the biggest challenges in blogging is to come up with a topic and then write it beautifully. Okay, the last part is actually not easy, but for many people the first part - to find a topic - is already a challenge. They cannot pass that part. Without a topic, what would you write? Thus, the challenge is to come up with a topic. That is my challenge to myself. That is my training ground to be creative. And then writing it is again a creative exercise. Oh yeah, my main blog these days is not this, but the one in wordpress. It's In that blog, I write mainly in Bahasa Indonesia. You can check it out to see that I am still blogging. As for the English blog, I have started a new one in, but I think I should write in here. One of the reasons I shoul