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Back to School (Work)

Well, holiday is (officially) over. Tomorrow we're going back to school or work. It feels so short. There are so many things that I wanted to do, but couldn't get it done during the holiday. I wanted to read lots of books, papers, articles, ... I wanted to re-learn coding (computer programming). Sharpening my skills. Alas, time went so fast. I did not regret it though, since I did get some things done. At least, relaxing :) Hey, that's also important, right? Now, I am putting that things to read back to the shelf (of things to read).

Dark Side of Creativity

I thought creativity is all good. After listening to some TED's presentation, I realized that creativity has a dark side. Once creativity has visited you, you are doomed forever. For the lack of creativity can send you to dark paths. Paths that you didn't think you will thread upon. You just have to have creativity. Gotta have... You life depends on it. I am not joking. You can find the number of (creative) people that have died because they think that they don't have creativity anymore. I didn't realize this. Now, it's too late...

Yummy ...

[seafood lamien @ banquet, singapore]

What happened to Formula 1?

I have not watched Formula 1 closely for a year (or two?) and was surprised to hear that there was a scandal. I was in Singapore and heard it on the news. The incident happened in Singapore last year! Whoa ... So, now, I am searching the internet for more information about this. If I understood correctly, Nelson Piquet was asked to crash his car so that Alonso would win. The thing is, I didn't know the situation. Why would Alonso win? So what if the safety car was out? What was his position at that time? Could somebody direct me to a more detailed article elaborating the situation? [A Ferari display on Orchard stree. I took this picture before taking an F1 simulator test drive, a game acutally. Ranked far below the best driver :) ]

Copyrights of old articles

How long can an article be copyrighted? I was looking for an article of a journal. It is published in 1971. I cannot access (download) the article from the journal's web site. This makes me think, how long does the journal have the "monopoly" of that article?

Can't get getrusage working

We are trying to measure the amount of resources needed to run our program, written in C. Looking here and there, I found getrusage (2). So, yesterday I tried to write a simple code: #include <stdio.h> #include <errno.h> #include <sys/resource.h> int main(){ int y[100][100]; struct rusage *resource; int x; x = getrusage(0, resource); printf("x = %d\n", x); printf("errno = %d\n", errno); return(0); } The result was not great. getrusage returned -1. According to the man page , non zero return value means it fails. The value of errno is 14. What went wrong? Anybody? Is there a better way to measure the amount of resources (memory, CPU, time) needed for a program? [Right now, I am looking at dtrace . Would it help?]