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Why gplus is still NOT popular in Indonesia

I guess nobody is listening at Google. Let me say it again. Gplus (g+) is not popular in Indonesia because it is VERY SLOW to open the page. That's the first problem. It takes me a while to open and interact with my gplus page. This is Indonesia. You have to come down here to understand it. (Google reps are in Singapore and only occasionally come to Indonesia. You wouldn't know the reality.) Second, it is difficult to interact in gplus. There is no notification and threads about the interaction. For example, if somebody comments in my post, I wouldn't know. I know there is a notification feature, but it is not as visible as Facebook, for example. I have more than 9000 followers in g+ and 5000 in Facebook, but there are MORE interactions in Facebook than in g+. In fact, there is close to zero interaction in my g+. Are you listening Google?